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Smileys We Love FAQ

Commonly asked question about this free smiley site, and our big collection of free emoticons for download

What software will be installed?

During installation, you have the option to pick one of more pieces of software to be installed, depending on your needs:

  • Chrome Browser Extension
    • Compatible with all Chrome versions
    • Insert smileys directly in Chrome
    • Show smileys in your browser you receive from others
    • Easy uninstall from Chrome's 'extension' settings
  • Internet Explorer Browser Extension
    • Compatible with IE version 9
    • Insert smileys directly in IE
    • Show smileys in your browser you receive from others
    • Easy disable via IE's add-on settings menu
  • Google Talk Application Extension
    • Insert smileys directly in Google Talk
    • Show smileys in Google Talk you receive from others
    • Uninstall via Program and Files in Windows

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How does the smileys work on Facebook?

We have a whole page dedicated to Facebook, click here to read more.

Can other people see my smileys on Twitter?

Yes, but they have to have SmileysWeLove installed. Otherwise they'll just see a link to your smiley, and will get a chance to install the toolbar.

Are all the smileys and emoticons really free?

Yup. 100% Free.

How do I use Smileys with E-Mail?

We have a whole page dedicated to E-Mail use, click here to read more.

Which Instant Messaging (IM) chat platforms does the software work with?

Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk (GTalk). We also have browser plugins for Chrome and IE, which allows you to use SmileysWeLove with Facebook, Yahoo Mail, GMail, HotMail and Facebook chats. None of these are in any way affiliated with SmileysWeLove.

How do I uninstall SmileysWeLove?

You can completely remove SmileysWeLove through the control panel, by looking for "smileyswelove" and selecting uninstall. This will delete all files, and unhook and clean up the installation of smileyswelove.

How do I uninstall SmileysWeLove Browser Extension?

Browser extensions are removed by selecting "manage extentions" in your browser. You can either disable it, or remove it completely.

Can I get more smiley's?

We will be releasing add-on smiley packages shortly. By having extra packages, we can keep download times low since the package can get rather large, and you only need to install the packages you and your friends love. The more you use SmileysWeLove, the more packages we'll add.

Do my friends need to have smileyswelove installed to see the smiley's?

Yes, but if you send them a smiley and it's not already installed, we will show a handy-dandy URL where they can easily download and install smileyswelove, and thus quickly be able to see the smiley's you send. It's super easy and fun, so just get started.